If you live abroad, but need orthodontic care while you’re in California, you should know that Beverly Hills Orthodontics caters to many overseas clients.

For more than a century, practitioners in the United States have maintained an excellent reputation in the world of orthodontics.

In the late 1800s, pioneering American physicians like Norman William Kingsley and Edward Angle (aka, the “father of modern orthodontics”) were instrumental in developing the modern orthodontic field. Throughout the 20th century, physicians at the American Association of Orthodontists and elite orthodontic schools continued to create innovative treatment methods and improve existing hardware.

In more recent years, American contributions like Invisalign and digital tools have enhanced patient care and provided new avenues to obtaining a perfect smile.

Today, the United States is still a world leader in the orthodontic field. As such, many international patients choose U.S. practices when considering their orthodontic options. For example, we here at Beverly Hills Orthodontics serve a substantial number of international patients hailing from:

  • China
  • Japan
  • England
  • Canada

Here, we take a closer look at why so many international patients have made Beverly Hills Orthodontics their practice of choice. Along the way, we will meet Dr. Monica Madan and her team to learn how they provide the best orthodontics in California.

VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign Services

For nearly ten years, Beverly Hills Orthodontics has maintained VIP Diamond Plus status from Invisalign. In short, this means that BHO is recognized as one of the best Invisalign providers in the country.

Invisalign ranks all certified providers based on how many cases they treat every year. These rankings include:

  • Silver: 10 – 47 patients treated per year
  • Gold: 48 – 69 treated patients per year
  • Gold Plus: 70 – 129 patients treated per year
  • Platinum: 130 – 199 patients treated per year
  • Platinum Plus: 200 – 279 patients treated per year
  • Diamond: 280 – 399 patients treated per year
  • VIP Diamond Plus: 400+ patients treated per year

Only four orthodontic practices in California have VIP Diamond Plus status, with Beverly Hills Orthodontics being one of them. At BHO, we use Invisalign to treat patients of all ages, ranging from children to young teens and senior citizens.

Patients love Invisalign for many reasons. The most obvious benefit is aesthetics. Many patients prefer the inconspicuous look of Invisalign’s transparent clear aligners over metal or lingual braces. Although braces have become smaller and more attractive over the years, Invisalign trays are almost completely undetectable to others.

Beyond aesthetics, Invisalign trays are removable at any time. For patients, that means Invisalign treatment:

  • Is free of all dietary limitations.
  • Will not complicate brushing or flossing.
  • Does require mouthguards or other devices during physical activity.

Moreover, orthodontists today can use Invisalign to correct more complicated alignment problems than ever before. The answer is hybrid treatment plans.

Innovative Invisalign Hybrid Treatments

In the past, you may have heard that Invisalign treatment has limitations. However, recent technological advancements have greatly expanded Invisalign’s capabilities. Now, orthodontists can use Invisalign to treat patients as young as 6, and can also use it to correct a range of moderate-to-severe alignment issues, including:

  • Overcrowding
  • Tooth gaps
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite

For more severe issues, Invisalign is only one part of the puzzle. Orthodontists like BHO’s Dr. Monica Madan correct severe alignment problems by incorporating Invisalign into larger hybrid treatment plans.

Hybrid treatment plans use Invisalign aligners as the primary force to move teeth into perfect position. Alongside Invisalign, these treatment plans use auxiliary appliances to perform more complicated movements. As a result, even patients with severe alignment problems can experience the convenience and comfort of Invisalign.

Industry-Leading Tools and AI Technologies

Beverly Hills Orthodontics proudly uses the latest digital tools and AI technology to create the best patient experience possible.

Tools such as iTero dental scanners, 3D dental modeling software, and patient-operated oral devices have enhanced nearly every part of the orthodontic process. For example, iTero scanners have completely eliminated the need for gag-inducing plaster impressions. Now, orthodontists can use scanners like iTero to create precise digital impressions without causing patients any discomfort.

At BHO, we use digital technologies to enhance treatment comfort and efficacy. In addition to digital scanning, we use a number of tools to improve patient care. Technologies include:

  • 3D dental modeling software to simulate different treatment plans with speed and precision.
  • Dental monitoring smartphone apps to help Invisalign patients keep track of aligner usage on a day-to-day basis.
  • Patient-operated accelerated orthodontic devicesthat help increase tooth movement and reduce treatment duration.

With these tools and many others, BHO is able to provide the best orthodontic care in California. Fast, reliable, and convenient, BHO’s services are worth traveling for.

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From treating mild crowding problems to correcting severe bite issues, Dr. Madan and the BHO team have been perfecting patient smiles since 2008. Using the latest tools and techniques in the field, Beverly Hills Orthodontics emphasizes comfort and convenience. All of our care plans are tailored to fit the unique schedule and lifestyle of each patient. This ensures that treatment revolves around your terms—not the other way around.

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