Nestled between Pasadena and the Angeles National Forest, Altadena is a small community with a vibrant culture. Filled with beautiful houses, historic buildings, and gorgeous outdoor sights, Altadena provides residents with a fantastic living environment and instant access to the San Gabriel Mountains. 

Altadena’s relatively small population gives this unincorporated locale a quiet neighborhood feel, especially when compared to some of the more bustling areas in Los Angeles County. Due to Altadena’s unincorporated status, many Altadenans feel close to the neighboring city of Pasadena—a community that has historic ties to our practice, Beverly Hills Orthodontics

At BHO, we serve the residents of Altadena, Pasadena, and South Pasadena from our Alhambra location. Like our other locations in Century City, Downtown Los Angeles, and Toluca Lake, our Alhambra office offers patient-centered care for mild-to-severe alignment problems, including:

  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowding
  • Spacing issues

Unlike other orthodontic practices in the area, we have the expertise to correct all of these problems using Invisalign. Thanks to the expertise of our founder, Dr. Monica Madan, BHO regularly combines Invisalign with additional measures to treat complex cases. 

If you’re searching for Invisalign in Altadena, come see what BHO can do for you!

Beverly Hills Orthodontics: A VIP Diamond+
Invisalign Provider

Beverly Hills Orthodontics is recognized as one of the top Invisalign providers in the country. Invisalign ranks its providers based on different factors, including:  

  • Number of patients treated annually
  • Treatment success rate
  • How much specialized training providers have received

For years, Beverly Hills Orthodontics has received VIP Diamond+ status—the highest designation that Invisalign awards to its providers

VIP Diamond+ status is Invisalign’s way of saying that an orthodontic practice provides elite care. VIP Diamond+ providers like Beverly Hills Orthodontics have proven themselves to be the best of the best when it comes to Invisalign by delivering consistently excellent treatment and using Invisalign in innovative ways. 

For example, many practices only use Invisalign to treat mild issues because they lack the expertise or training necessary to correct moderate-to-severe issues with clear aligners. At Beverly Hills Orthodontics, our team has enough training and experience to eliminate these barriers by providing Invisalign to patients with complex alignment issues.

How Invisalign Benefits Your Smile

BHO’s Alhambra office offers Invisalign services to patients of nearly EVERY age, including:

When Invisalign first became publicly available in the early 2000s, hardware and software constraints prevented most patients from qualifying for treatment. Only adult patients with mild misalignment problems could correct their smiles with Invisalign. In the following years, improved aligner designs, enhanced software, and innovative treatment approaches have significantly broadened the qualifying patient pool for Invisalign care. 

The Smile Specialists at Beverly Hills Orthodontics use the latest technology and care methods to ensure that all patients who want Invisalign, receive Invisalign. To treat complex cases, we combine standard Invisalign care with additional measures to straighten teeth without braces. 

Depending on factors like patient age, misalignment specifics, and personal preferences, we may combine Invisalign with one of the following measures to correct alignment issues:

  • Elastics (e.g., rubber bands for mild-to-moderate bite problems)
  • Headgear and palatal expanders (for children)
  • Tooth extraction (for moderate-to-severe bite problems)
  • Oral surgery (for the most severe and complex cases)

If you’ve been rejected for Invisalign care before—or you’re simply curious if Invisalign is right for you—arrange a consultation with BHO’s Alhambra office today to learn how we can treat your alignment issues and give you a flawlessly straight smile!

Beverly Hills Orthodontics Provides the Best Invisalign in the Altadena Area

Invisalign AltadenaInvisalign is by far today’s most popular clear aligner treatment—and for good reason! Comfortable, convenient, and inconspicuous, Invisalign allows patients to improve their smiles without dietary restrictions or altering their appearances. 

Here at Beverly Hills Orthodontics, we have provided Invisalign services since we first opened our doors in 2008. Today, we combine Invisalign with the latest digital technology and treatment methods to correct everything from mild crowding to severe bite issues. 

If you live in Altadena and have been wondering whether Invisalign can treat your alignment problems, you can find the answer at BHO’s office in nearby Alhambra. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

BHO’s Alhambra office is your home for Invisalign near Altadena. Call or text us at (310) 785-0770 or request a free consultation.