Is BHO closed? How long will it be closed for?

Yes, our physical office is closed to the general public, but we’re answering text messages, emails and responding to voicemails. We are seeing patients who have a true orthodontic emergency by appointment only.

We are following state and federal guidelines. At this time, we are scheduled to re-open in June. We will re-evaluate the situation as the situation evolves.

We appreciate your support and patience during this time. We have limited staff and reduced hours, so please allow 48-72 hours for responses. If you have a pending request or issue with us, don’t hesitate to follow up!

What will happen if I show up to the office?

For the safety of you and our staff member inside, we will direct you to text us to schedule a virtual visit, since we are seeing patients by virtual appointments only at this time.

How do I reach BHO?

We are here for you via text (310) 785-0770 and email

I’m receiving appointment confirmation emails, should I ignore these?

Yes. Please disregard all appointment reminders that are auto-generated at this time. Do not come to the office for ANY appointments.

Are you scheduling in-office appointments at this time?

It’s a bummer but we won’t be seeing patients through May 30. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, always but especially now. While you may want to be the first one on the schedule when we do re-open, we are not scheduling any in office appointments at this time.


At this time all shipping requests will incur a fee. When mailing aligners and/or refinements there is a flat fee of $15. For mailing packs of rubber bands the fee is $5.

I’m out of trays, what do I do?

What we recommend for now is that you wear your remaining tray at nights only. Please be sure to keep your remaining trays clean and in good condition. These can serve as retainers while we are delayed in getting you scanned for your next round of trays. ***For a limited time we can order replacement trays off of the last scan for an upper and lower tray set for $95 (normally $100 per arch).

How do I care for and prolong the life of my aligners?

After brushing your teeth in the morning and at night, brush your Invisalign aligners with your toothbrush, then rinse under cold water. The frequent changing of your aligners most often eliminates the need of cleaning aids other than a traditional toothbrush.

Most patients however, elect the use of an Ultrasonic cleaner with 1-2 cleaning tablets a week. One of the most important things to remember is to not let the trays dry out during the day, so when you are not wearing your trays please store them in water. Please change the water in the ultrasonic cleaner daily.  Another cleaning solution is White Foam. Please text us if you are interested in purchasing any of these products.

What are the different products I can purchase to care for my aligners?

White Foam $30 – A popular cleaning product that you can take on the go, this hydrogen peroxide solution is a great way to keep your trays fresh throughout the day! Simply pump the foam into your aligners and pop them into your mouth!

Ultrasonic Cleaner $50 – A great at home device, the ultrasonic cleaner helps maintain your aligners. Simply add water and a retainer brite tablet and turn the device on! This helps kill 99% of bacteria. Don’t forget to change the water daily!

Retainer Brite Tablets $10

What are the different products I can purchase to care for my braces?

Mi Paste $25 – This product guards against plaque build-up and harmful bacteria. Helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent white spots from forming. Mi Paste also helps increase the enamel’s appearance and reflectivity

I’m in braces, what do I do?

The great thing about braces is that the nature of the super elastic wires continues working without an adjustment. While it’s true that we tighten and change ties or wires at visits, the wires continue to work without adjustments. When life and our schedule return to normal, we will do more adjustments at your next appointment to keep your treatment on schedule.

I’ve lost brackets, can I come to have them put back on?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to repair your bracket. Please let us know by text or email if you have lost or broken brackets.  We are making a list of all patients who need repairs done so we can ensure you get back on the schedule quickly so your treatment resumes as planned.