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I was told Invisalign® would not work for my case. Is that true?

If you met us ten years ago, chances are, we may not have recommended Invisalign. As the Ninjas we have become, we have worked hard and honed our craft! Truthfully, we were forced to figure out this instrument (clear aligners) and make it work for us because none of you wanted to wear a full mouth of metal! That’s right, we have figured out how to push, pull and tweak your teeth all without anyone realizing you’re in treatment! Thanks to those clear mighty aligners! As we kept our nose to the ground and toiled away, we looked up and realized we became VIP Diamond Providers for Invisalign! We are honored and humbly surprised to join the the ranks of only four other orthodontists on the West Coast to hold this title. As a VIP Diamond Provider, BHO is proud to offer Invisalign treatment for all patients, including children.

What if I would like to be treated with braces instead of Invisalign?

Braces are generally associated with increased pain, increased decay, increased treatment time and increased emergency visits. Aside from that, there’s no difference.

How can I begin my treatment with Invisalign?

The first step is to book your complimentary consultation at BHO. During this appointment, we will help customize your #smilegoals starting with our iTero® scan and simulation.

How much does treatment cost?

You would be surprised…not as much as you would think! You’ve got two Ivy-League brains who are published in esteemed journals working their magic on your teeth. The method has been tweaked and perfected to become our own “BHO Method” which embodies not only your result, but every bit of your experience as well! We have created an efficient, painless delivery system which minimizes price and most importantly, your time. Details – we accept most insurance plans, offer flexible payment plans, and facilitate using tax saved money with FSAs and HSAs. We are on your team! #GoYou+BHO

Let’s Talk Numbers!

You need it? We can do it! Zero Down. Zero Interest. HSA. FSA. PPO. Here is our list. We will help you coordinate.

1st Dental Health
Anthem BC
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois
Blue Shield of California
Cigna HMO
Delta Dental
GEHA / Connection Dental
Principal Life
United Concordia
United Healthcare


How long is treatment using Invisalign?

This depends on you… and us. The length of treatment depends on your #smilegoals and is determined by only you and your doctor.

Does clear aligner therapy work?

Uuuuuum yeah… of course! We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t! The aligners are virtually invisible, and are made of a thermoplastic material that is uniquely developed for the Invisalign treatment plan. The aligners are similar to teeth-whitening trays but so much better. A series of aligners are customized for you. We develop your customized plan where we program how, when and how fast your teeth are moving and where they are going…the PLAN is central to any orthodontic case and is the most important aspect to your treatment. You’re not investing in the product, i.e. Invisalign, (even though it’s our fave!) you’re investing in your ORTHODONTIST and our ability to deliver what you want, how you want it, and with great cosmetic and functional results!

How does Invisalign feel?

Invisalign looks and feels similar to teeth-whitening trays. They are clear, light-weight and flexible. Aligners are most effective when worn as prescribed. We have daytime as well as nighttime only options – just ask! Most people experience mild tenderness during treatment and are pleasantly surprised at how quickly their teeth adapt. Some people experience temporary discomfort for a few days with each new aligner. This is normal and is typically described as a feeling of pressure which disappears quickly. It is also gratifying to patients to feel that Invisalign is working.

Do I have to take impressions to start treatment with Invisalign?

NOPE! At BHO, we invested in the iTero digital scanning system rather than messy impression material to capture your current smile and begin your smile journey using Invisalign. No more algae goo for you! It’s all 3D camera work now!

How can I clean my Invisalign aligners?

OCD we are… we have a full routine we teach you when you get started. It entails a few concoctions and a bit of discipline but it’s super simple – The BHO cleaning system. You can also listen to our podcast episode “How To Invisalign by BHO.”

What if I want only retainers?

You are speaking our language. We LOVE retainers. Retainers are valuable tools for all patients – present and past! If you already have your beautiful smile in style, we would love to preserve that for you with a custom set of retainers.

How can I accelerate my orthodontic treatment?

There is a way to jump start bone biology. We have access to a wide range of options – everything from surgical micro-punctures to extra-oral devices. Don’t wait longer than you have to for an awesome new smile!

Can I be treated while I am pregnant?

While most pregnant patients can be safely treated by orthodontists, ultimately, your doctor is the best resource to discuss this topic.

Does BHO offer virtual consultations?

We absolutely do! If you’re busy with the fam on Saturdays or just need some info over a lunch break, we have you covered. Find out more by visiting our Get in Touch page.